A comparison of methods, functions, and output.

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The ability to execute shell commands in Python increases the flexibility and application of the language. However, the number of ways in which this is possible can be overwhelming. This post aims to uncover the behavior of these functions and help developers make informed decisions about their code.


What is a “shell”?

A shell

and decipher the world of computer science

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Whether your writing a professional report or your next Medium story, trying to convey technical subjects to your audience is no easy task. A clear focus and concise formatting can easily get lost in required pretext or lengthy code blocks.

As a cybersecurity consultant, interpreting complex tasks and making sense…

and jeopardizing your PCI compliance!

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What does it mean to be “PCI” compliant?

If you own a business or work in the industry, you’ve most likely heard of PCI and know maintaining compliance is critical for a business to continue accepting credit card payments.

For the rest of us however, “PCI” is an even shortened version of the acronym “PCI DSS”, which stands…


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